Future Developments for Log4View

Having released the (hopefully) last bug fix release of Log4View 2010.3 this morning, it’s time to speak about new features in Log4View 2011.1.

Log4View 2011.1 will have full support for NLog, a .NET based logging framework with a lot of new features compared to log4net. Although the current version of Log4View can read XML formated files created by NLog, Log4View now can’t parse NLog configurations so that it isn’t possible to have bound NLog receivers.

The support of NLog does not mark a shift away from log4net. Instead, it opens Log4View to other logging frameworks. Developing NLog support for Log4View made it necessary to implement a plugin model for logging frameworks. This allows the development of future Log4View plugins for other frameworks as well. The NLog plugin for Log4View will use the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) in .NET 4.0 and will be also published as source code to allow other developers to write their own plugins for Log4View.

Log4View 2011.1 will also support receiver plugins. Thus every developer can write his own plugin for Log4View to read logging data from almost any data source. Of course, there will be source code of a sample receiver plugin.

Log4View 2011.1 is scheduled for the first quarter of 2011.


One Response to Future Developments for Log4View

  1. kayone says:

    Can you please provide a sample nlog config that would be compatible with log4view? thanks.

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