Log4View 2011.1 Beta released


We have finally released the Beta of Log4View 2011.1. The release has been delayed for a couple of months because the internal changes, which became necessary to enable receiver and logging-framework plugins, turned out to be larger than initially expected.

However, the result was worth the effort, because we have laid down a good foundation for the future things to come.

For the moment, Log4View 2011.1  will bring

  • Full support for the NLog logging framework
  • Support for Log4View receiver plugins; this enables everyone to add new receivers to Log4View
  • Support for Log4View logging framework plugins; thus you can enable Log4View to read the configuration of your own custom logging framework
  • A separate Log4View control which allows developers to seamlessly integrate Log4View into their own application
  • Better support for times, time zones and time offsets
  • A large number of bug fixes and detail improvements

I will describe the main features and concepts in further blog posts within the next few days.

In the meantime, please download Log4View 2011.1 Beta and check it out.